Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Playboy Cover Leaked

Actress Lindsay Lohan has said she has learned from her mistakes and is trying to be more accountable for her actions.

In her first interview since being jailed for violating her probation, she told Playboy that during the past five years she has understood "that ultimately we are responsible for ourselves and our own actions".

The former child star, whose infamous bad behaviour includes two drink driving arrests, five jail sentences and five rehab stints, said she would have done things differently in her recent years of trouble.

The 25-year-old admits she should have listened to her advisers, but her stubbornness led to many of her well-documented legal problems.

"Looking back, I probably would have listened to and taken more advice from the people whom I admire and would have followed through with it more," Lohan said.

"My stubbornness at 18 and 19-years-old got in the way," she said.

"During the past five years, I've learned that time flies faster than you think, and because you only live once you have to learn from your mistakes, live your dreams and be accountable."

In November, Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating her probation on recent criminal charges, but served less than a day behind bars due to prison overcrowding.

In an excerpt that apparently references her decision to pose nude for the magazine, Lohan said: "Sex and sexuality are a part of nature and I go along with nature. I think Marilyn Monroe once said that."

And the actress, who first gained fame playing twin sisters in 1998 Disney film The Parent Trap, said she does not understand why her life has become tabloid fodder.

"I have no idea why there is this fascination with everything I do," she said.

"I suppose it is all part of this trend of people wanting to know every single detail of a celebrity's life.

"I mean, once we get to the point where magazines are doing pictorials on my wardrobe to court, that's just so unimportant," Lohan added.

Meanwhile, Playboy has had to release the first shot of Lohan from its inside spread of the actress early after the cover of the highly-anticipated issue was leaked on the internet.

Lohan's issue was due to come out in January, but the magazine will now hit newsstands December 16. It has already appeared on Playboy's website.

She is seen reclining with her blonde hair tumbling over her and pouting into the camera, but the "nude shot" shows only a hint of her chest.

Lohan returns to court this week to update a judge on her compliance with strict new probation requirements that include working at a morgue.

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Lindsay Lohan Leaked

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Lindsay Lohan Leaked

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Lindsay Lohan Leaked

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Lindsay Lohan Leaked

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Lindsay Lohan Leaked

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Lindsay Lohan Leaked

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Lindsay Lohan Leaked

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